Discuss the issue/s of ‘Peta-Marron’ | Best Homework Helpers

  1. Prepare a brief of 1200 words that covers the following:
    1. A business case for why the SDGs are relevant for business
      1. What is the business case for your chosen SDG?
    2. Discuss the issue/s of ‘Peta-Marron’ that you intend to address and identify the SDG it relates to. Be mindful of the cultural sensitivities that exist for the company and also for Marronia in your discussion.
    3. Explain what action/s ‘Peta-Marron’might adopt to address the issue/s and therefore improve performance of this SDG. Reference to real case examples amongst multinational enterprises is recommended to support your proposed action.
    4. Discuss how action towards this SDG might impact or interrelate with other SDGs relevant to ‘Peta-Marron’. Is it negative or positive?
    5. Identify at least two stakeholders (Freeman, 1984) that are effected by your proposed action or chosen SDG and discuss how the proposed action of this SDG at ‘Peta-Marron’ will or mightimpact on each stakeholder group? (Give consideration to the cultural sensitivities of ‘Peta-Marron’ and Marronia).

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