Graveyard scene of Goblet of Fire

In the Graveyard scene of Goblet of Fire, we see, for the first time, the real connection between Harry and Voldemort.

How does the connection we see here affect the rest of the series?

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Graveyard scene of Goblet of Fire
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*Think about Harry’s “contribution” to Voldemort’s return

* The connection of the wands

Remember this is a critical thinking assignment – look beyond the obvious to what the elements say to you.

Develop an essay in MLA format, at least 2 pages long – typed, double spaced – 12pt fonts (the 11pt Calibri font that Office defaults to is very small, so please be sure you’re specifically using 12pt fonts in Times New Roman or Arial, or Book Antigua or a similar font). And, make sure the paragraphs are indented. We do not use block style in English, that’s for use in letters and memos.

Include at least 5 quotes from the book that support your points. Quotes, paraphrasing, summaries should be kept to a minimum, and never overload the essay. Keep in mind that, on average, academic papers with source material should have a 75% – original, 25% – documented balance.

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