What behaviors or activities are associated with this music?

Choose an AUDIO example (not video clip) from Unit 3: Indonesia and write a 150 word journal about it. Please utilize the listening guides in your textbook for this assignment. Include information about the audio example including the genre or style, instruments and form. What culture creates this music? What behaviors or activities are associated with this music? Also include your personal thoughts or feelings about your chosen audio example. Do you like it/dislike it? Why did you choose this particular example?

Your Journal should be around 150 words (5 pts), cover all of the topic points (5 pts), and be submitted on time (5 pts). There are 15 points possible for this assignment.

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What behaviors or activities are associated with this music?
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Indonesia Audio Examples
Audio Examples ARE part of the Indonesia Quiz. Please utilize the Listening Guides in your textbook when listening to these examples. Some important information to know for each example includes: the culture that creates the music, the instruments you are hearing, the song type or genre of the music, and what kinds of activities are associated with the music.

Javanese Gamelan: Bubaran “Udan Mas”

Listening Guide pg.169

03 Bubaran Udan Mas.mp3Play media comment.

Javanese Gamelan: Ketawang “Puspawarna”

Listening Guide pg.172

04 Ketawang Puspawarna.mp3Play media comment.

Balinese Gamelan: Gong Kebyar “Teruna”

Listening Guide pg.181

05 Kebyar Teruna.mp3Play media comment.

Balinese Gamelan: Gong Gede “Tabuh Empat Pangawak”

Listening Guide pg.183

06 Gong Gede Tabuh Empat Pangawak.mp3Play media comment.

Popular Music: Gambus “Cari Hiburan”

Listening Guide pg.188

07 Gambus Cari Hiburan.mp3Play media comment.

Popular Music: Dangdut “Curahan Hati”

Listening Guide pg.189

08 Curahan Hati.mp3Play media comment.

Popular Music: Kroncong “Morisko”

Listening Guide pg.191

09 Kroncong Morisko.mp3Play media comment.

Popular Music: Sundanese Jaipongan “Daun Pulus”

Listening Guide pg.192

10 Jaipongan Daun Pulus.mp3Play media comment.

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