REVIEW a book of a theological nature


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Choose a book of a theological nature that is appropriate for your introductory college students. Many examples of this abound, but generally such books are specifically called “Introductions to” whatever kind of theology. Some examples are C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity, or The Faith Understood: An Introduction to Catholic Theology by Mark Zia. Your task is to review the book in question.

Writing a book review is not the same thing as writing a book report, although they share some things in common. In a review, part of the task is to give a summary of the contents and main arguments of the book; that is crucial. The other part of this task is for you to evaluate the ideas put forward in the book and to decide whether or not they make a valuable and worthwhile contribution. This means that, among other things, you will need to judge the author on how clear s/he is, how concise, how easy it is to understand their thought, and how insightful his/her ideas are. Most importantly, a book review must be fairto the book – reviews are never 100% positive nor 100% negative. Every book will have its strengths and weaknesses, and the review must talk about each. Reviews should be 500-1500 words (3-7 pages).

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