Discuss structural vs. individual explanations of poverty

Module 7 Concept Questions Stratification U.S./Global Poverty

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Based on the assigned reading, answer all the following questions in your own words. Please make sure you write in complete sentences, and your answers are written clearly enough to be understood. If you do not understand one of the concepts, discuss what is unclear to you. All of your answers, together, must make up 150 words or more for you to earn credit.

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Discuss structural vs. individual explanations of poverty
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1. Define social stratification.
2. Explain the difference between open and closed systems of stratification.
3. Discuss the various systems of stratification.
4. What is social class? How is it similar yet different from a caste system?
5. Discuss how Karl Marx differed from Max Weber’s view of social class.
6. What is status consistency and status inconsistency, give examples.
7. What is social mobility and how might race, glass, gender, social class affect social mobility?
8. Explain the major theories of stratification
9. Discuss how poverty is defined in the U.S..
10. Discuss structural vs. individual explanations of poverty
11. List the major effects of poverty in the U.S..
12. Explain why it is important to measure global poverty
13. Discuss the impact of global poverty
14. Explain the major theories of global poverty.
15. Discuss the feminization of poverty.

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