“What it’s like to be Muslim in America.”

If you missed class this week, you lost Participation points. To make up the points, complete this writing assignment. To earn credit, you must submit it by the end of Friday of the same week you missed (see due date above). Late work will not earn points.

The writing assignment must be in MLA format (double-spaced, Times New Roman font). The assignment must be minimum 250 words of your original writing and answer all the questions in the prompt. If you quote from another source, you must credit that source; plagiarism checking software is enabled. The file must be in .doc, .docx, or .rtf (Mac users, no .pages files!).

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“What it’s like to be Muslim in America.”
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First, write what you know about Islam. You don’t have to be detailed, but please be honest.

Then, watch this TED Talk, “What it’s like to be Muslim in America.” (17 minutes). Answer the following questions:

First, write your reactions from the TED Talk.

Compare what you learned from the video to what you wrote before you watched the video.

Do a quick Google News search on ‘Muslim’ or ‘Islam’. Do you agree with Mogahed that media has tainted the Islamic persona? Explain your answer.

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