How does a sociologist understanding the problem?

Discussion of the Sociological Perspective and Analysis

This will be the assignment where you bring in the sociological perspective to the event/issue.

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How does a sociologist understanding the problem?
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What theories and concepts within sociology are relevant to this issue?
How does a sociologist understanding the problem?
What systems of power are central to understanding this problem?
How might one’s social location impact your experience of this issue? This paper should be 2-3 pages providing a sociological analysis of the social problem.
Please include at least 3 peer-reviewed sources retried from the Park Library. The supplemental text is a great place to start as well as the journals Annual Review of Sociology, Contexts, Social Forces, and Social Problems all available through the JSTOR database. There are also journals on more specific topics that may be useful for the problem you have selected.

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