Carbon emissions


Now that you know how to do a literature search, and have had some writing practice with the short paper, your task for this paper is to write a longer (4-5 pages) paper explaining an environmental topic from the Air and Energy lecture. Some topics could include but are not limited to:

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Carbon emissions
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Air pollution (in general)
Global warming
Acid rain
Carbon emissions
Fossil fuel consumption
Greenhouse effect
Rising sea levels
To complete this, you will want to download and read 5 summary papers or related material from other reliable sources. After this, write your paper using the following guidelines.

Introduction (20 points)- Provide an introduction to the problem that describes the problem in detail. Make sure to thoroughly define the topic and provide at least three examples that reinforce the definition as examples.

Impact of Problem (80 points)- Provide a thorough description of the impact that the problem, using specific information from the sources you have gathered to provide specific information or statistics that reinforce how your topic is impacting the environment. Provide tables and graphs as needed and explain that information to demonstrate that this is indeed an environmental problem.

Addressing the problem (80 pints)- Provide information that shows how people, groups, or organizations are addressing the problem, again providing specific examples and statistics that show how their efforts are either working or not working.

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