Define the five aspects of the “Big 5” personality traits.

criteria for mature psychological functioning
Read case #31 in your Theories Workbook (1 page)
In Allport’s theory, there are seven criteria for mature psychological functioning.  Define each one that Monica shows and give a specific example from her case.
One of Allport’s unique concepts is functional autonomy.  Define this concept and give an example of it from her case.
Finally, choose a concept (other than those above) from Allport’s theory.  Define it and give an example of it from Monica’s case.
Read case #36 in your Theories Workbook (1 page)
Define the five aspects of the “Big 5” personality traits.  Looking at each of the five primary traits, is Subira high or low on each one?  Give examples foreach one.
Subira has some inconsistencies in her behavior.  If personality traits are consistent, according to Costa & McCrae, why is she on time to some things and late to others (punctuality is a component of conscientiousness)?  How would they explain this?
Bonus:  You can gain up to five extra points for completing this exercise on the Big 5 (the points will be added to your week 4 discussion grade:
Take the following personality test based on the trait model of personality.  Please remember to print out your results, as the programs do not allow you to save your results to return to later.

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