How does it measure up to the standards of a good theory?

1. Griffin presents six criteria for evaluating objective (scientific) theories and interpretive theories. For either objective or interpretive theories (your choice), list the six standards. You don’t need to explain them; just list them.

2. Is symbolic interactionism an objective or interpretive theory? How does it measure up to the standards of a good theory?

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How does it measure up to the standards of a good theory?
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3. What is the relationship between symbolic interactionism and coordinated management of meaning (CMM)? Does CMM extend, negate, or transform the work of the symbolic interactionism theory?

4. What do social penetration theory and social exchange theory tell us about the ideal conditions for a high level of self-disclosure?

5. Both social penetration theory and social information processing theory suggest that relationships develop through self-disclosure. How are the theories similar and different in their predictions about relationships?

6. Media multiplexity theory has gained a sizable following among scholars within and outside the communication discipline. Explain the statement with respect to the criteria that are met for being a good objective theory.

7. Define and give an example of cognitive dissonance. Is it possible to avoid?

8. Compare the two influence theories we covered from the textbook. What are their primary similarities and differences? Which do you find most compelling, useful, problematic, difficult to understand, or apply?

9. Both coordinated management of meaning theory and symbolic interactionism theory suggest that social realities are co-created by communicators. How is that process mirrored at a group level in symbolic convergence theory?

10. What does the study of corporate culture have to do with communication theory?

11. How does Fisher’s narrative paradigm theory relate to the stories told and stories lived of coordinated management of meaning theory?

12. Compare the theory of Cultural Studies’ adherence to his ideas and works on cultural studies with that of theory of Media Ecology.

13. How would Gerbner (of Cultivation Theory) react to McLuhan’s famous axiom, “the medium is the message” from the Media Ecology Theory?

14. Compare the media ecology theory and the uses and gratifications of media theory with Muted Group Theory’s view of the Internet and electronic interactivity.

15. How might gender affect an individual’s facework? What might be the implications of gender differences within cultures for face-negotiation theory?

16. What are some of the common threads of communication theories and their connections throughout society?

17. Of all the theories presented in this text, which is your favorite, or the most important to you? Which is your least favorite or least relevant to your life?


Please refer to text in this link for answers[;vnd.vst.idref=Chapter01]?context_token=fc6cf020-8317-0138-494d-5a68f18cc66b

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