Identify and discuss an area of organizational skill or time management that you need to improve.

Getting Started
personal developmentTo successfully complete your practicum you will need to understand and meet the expectations for your field seminars and roles and responsibilities in the field. This assignment will prepare you for success by reviewing expectations for your field seminar and placement and allowing you to reflect on where you are in your development of social work competencies as you start this journey. Reflecting on your own strengths and opportunities for growth is an essential task for the developing social work professional. In this activity, you will watch a practicum overview webinar and complete a self-assessment tool that will help to clarify the social work knowledge and skills you may have already. The assessment tool will also help you to identify necessary areas of growth, which can be addressed in field placement experiences and in your learning contract. You will complete this tool twice—at the beginning of this course and at the end of the practicum—to gauge where you have shown marked improvement or change.

Textbook: The Social Work Practicum: A Guide and Workbook for Students
File: Generalist Year Self Assessment
Webinar: Field Seminar and Practicum Overview

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Identify and discuss an area of organizational skill or time management that you need to improve.
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Background Information
As social work educators and professionals, we recognize that social work students enter their graduate education with important experiences that contribute to their knowledge, skills, and values as a future social worker. You should reflect continually on the experiences you have had at prior workplaces, internships, and volunteer opportunities, including those in your adolescence and young adulthood. It is important to participate in the change process in a transparent, genuine manner, as well as have communication with supportive environments (your field supervisory relationship and your classroom are two of those environments).

You will be introduced to the learning contract later in the workshop. This self-assessment is a valuable tool for identifying areas that you may wish to include in your learning contract. It is important for you to devote time to considering your self-assessment, and to utilize critical thinking skills, as it is a building block for your advanced practicum. Additionally, although you will submit this self-assessment at the beginning and end of your field placement, you are advised to review it periodically during the placement terms to ensure that you actually are improving and gaining competency in the areas you identified. Like the learning contract, you should consider it a “living document,” and it should inform your learning contract.


Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
In your textbook, The Social Work Practicum: A Guide and Workbook for Students, read Chapter 1, “Purpose and Expectations for Practicum”.
Watch and listen to the “Field Seminar and Practicum Overview”
In a one to two page Word document, respond to the following prompts after watching the webinar.
Describe two areas of your writing that you need to improve to be successful in this seminar and the MSW program. Discuss what steps you will take to improve your writing to ensure your success in the program.
Identify and discuss an area of organizational skill or time management that you need to improve. List two action steps you will take to ensure you meet assignment deadlines and stay on track with your practicum hours over the next 32 weeks.
When problems, issues or concerns arise at your filed site or with your seminar instructor, describe in detail 2 action steps you can take to help resolve the problem in a professional and respectful manner.
Copy and paste the following statement to your paper indicating your review of the webinar and your agreement. If you have additional questions for your instructor, please also include them in this section.
I have completed watching the Field Seminar and Practicum Overview Webinar and understand the expectations described for the seminar and my practicum experience. I agree that I will contact my course instructor/faculty liaison with any issues or concerns that I have about course assignments, writing, or my field experience proactively and in advance of deadlines. I will communicate appropriately with others and seek to resolve problems in a respectful and professional manner as is expected of professional social workers.

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