Drinking water disinfection byproducts


The term paper will consist of a written paper to broaden your knowledge of a particular environment and health topic of interest to you. It is also intended to demonstrate how to conduct research using peer-reviewed literature, to analyze and assess relevant information and to present the information clearly and concisely. Demonstrated ability to think critically will be part of the evaluation.

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Drinking water disinfection byproducts
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The Term Paper will consist of two distinct parts:

1. A term paper Topic, of your own choosing or from the instructor, and an Outline of your proposed paper must be submitted to the instructor by October 8. The Outline will be worth 15% of the final mark.

2. A 10-page paper on your chosen topic. This paper should provide a comprehensive but concise treatise of the current state of knowledge of the topic, discuss what is known and not known, and outline areas of future research. The Term Paper will be worth 35% of the final mark.

References used in the term paper must be from the peer-reviewed literature, including review articles. A minimum of 5 sources from a peer reviewed journal, government publication, non-partisan agency publication or monograph are required. Non-peer reviewed material such as web sites, newspapers and magazines may be used in addition to peer-reviewed literature to illustrate your points, but must not be relied upon entirely to support conclusions. Please consult with me if you are not sure of the suitability of the material.

Sample topics include: • Groundwater contamination

Drinking water disinfection byproducts
• Effects of large animal feed lots

Exposure and effects of chlorinated compounds
Sick building syndrome in either residential or commercial buildings
Hazard assessment of common household products
Radio Frequency Radiation from cell phones, Wi-Fi, radio waves
• Effects of mercury (or any contaminant) on 1st Nations

• Current use of pesticides

• Environmental and health issues associated with aquaculture

• Health risks from consumer products

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