Provides an overview of UN initiatives, programs, and efforts to address this issue or problem

For each report, you will select a global issue from the broad array of issues that the UN and its
agencies and programs address at the global level. Possible issue-areas include hunger and food
security, violence against women, peace and conflict resolution, education and literacy, human
rights, environmental issues, poverty, and health issues. This is not an exhaustive list, and I
encourage you to choose an issue-area that you are passionate about for this project. Once you
have identified your general area of interest, you will need to select a specific topic, case or
research question to focus on in the 5-6 page report. The assignment will facilitate your learning
by giving you an opportunity to research topics you are personally interested in and prepare
educational and awareness raising materials about them. This assignment will also help you hone
your research and writing skills.
You will research the international issue or case study of your choice and prepare a report that:
1. Provides basic background information about the issue and explains why it is an issue of
international concern, how and why it affects our lives, and why we should care about it
and engage with it
2. Provides an overview of UN initiatives, programs, and efforts to address this issue or
3. Discusses the challenges that still remain in addressing the issue
In writing the report you will play the role of a staff member of a non-governmental organization
that works on the issue of your choice. Your task is to write a report that educates the general
public about the issue, raises awareness of the issue, and invites the public to engage with it. Your
audience consists of individuals from all walks of life and of all age groups. It is important to keep
in mind the nature of your task as well as your target audience as you begin working on this
assignment. The reports should summarize complex and/or technical information in a clear and
concise format that makes it interesting, compelling, and accessible to the general public.
You must incorporate at least three sources into each of your reports. These sources must be
substantial – they must be books, book chapters, or scholarly journal articles (as opposed to
newspaper articles). Each report should be about 5 pages in length, double-spaced, and written in
12 point Times New Roman with one inch margins. You must attach a list of sources to each of
your reports.

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Provides an overview of UN initiatives, programs, and efforts to address this issue or problem
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