Describe your understanding of Quality Improvement (QI) .

1.- American Nurses Association Organization
Describe the organization/certification, including requirements for certification. What are the benefits? What deters you from joining? Create an argument for the joining/obtaining certification.
(one (1) reference needed)

2.- As a new graduated nurse: Consider your post-graduation plans and your commitment to lifelong learning. Briefly describe your 5-year plan and the necessary steps to meet your future goals. Consider your annual Continuous Education requirement and how these can be catered towards your goals.
(no reference is needed)

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Describe your understanding of Quality Improvement (QI) .
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3.- Self-care is essential for all nurses. What does the literature say about self-care/wellness in nursing. Why is it important? How can nurses learn to care for themselves? What ideas do you have for workplace initiatives that promote self-care?
(one (1) reference needed)

4.- Nursing leadership: Describe your understanding of Quality Improvement (QI) . Can you identify areas within the provision of patient care that need a Quality Improvement (QI) focus. Why?
(one (1) reference needed)

5.- Nursing leadership: Discuss the responsibility of resource and fiscal management in healthcare
(one (1) reference needed)

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