What can be done to reduce lead exposure?

This week’s threaded discussion pertains to the topic of Environmental Health and Disaster Preparedness. Read Ch. 6, 14 & 15, the Sutton article located under files, and review the Family Disaster Plan Template.   View the video below, Libby, Montana, and answer the following questions according to the online discussion guidelines/instructions and rubric from the syllabus.

1) After watching the Libby, Montana video, what could the role of the public health nurse involve in this situation? Give 3 examples of possible interventions.

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What can be done to reduce lead exposure?
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2)  Take the American Red Cross Quiz – Is your survival kit ready? Tell us how you scored.

https://www.redcross.org/get-help/how-to-prepare-for-emergencies/survival-kit-supplies.html (Links to an external site.)

What is your reaction to the Sutton article, the Family Disaster Plan Template and the Red Cross site?

3) Tell us what happens when children are exposed to lead. You may want to consult outside sources in additions to your textbook. What can be done to reduce lead exposure?

4)  Reflect on your workplace facility’s disaster preparedness plan.

  1. What do you think could stand to be improved to be even more prepared?
  2. What education or training have you received? If you have participated in a drill, what was your role and response?

Libby, Montana: An Asbestos Legacy (Links to an external site.)

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