Identify an area of marketing strategy practice where the organisation is performing poorly

ISSUE 1: Organisational marketing practice analysis (worth 45%)

For the organisation detailed in the case, present an analysis comparing and contrasting one area of marketing-mix strategy that you have identified as performing poorly relative to explicit details of best practices set out in the materials for Units 5 to 11 of the course materials. Support and justify your observation by detailing why you think the organisation performs this marketing-mix strategy poorly.

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Identify an area of marketing strategy practice where the organisation is performing poorly
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(By addressing this issue, you will be demonstrating that you have interpreted the data and drawn conclusions about what is good about what the marketers of the chosen organisation/offering are currently doing, and what could be done more effectively. This issue should give you some ideas about how to frame the next two issues.)

Detailed, thorough analysis supported by extensive, detailed, factual evidence and detailed application of at least one relevant Marketing Management models, concept and framework. High-level approach e.g. innovative use/critique of concept(s). Limitations of analysis identified.

ISSUE 2: Development of an improved marketing mix strategy (worth 45%)

Based on the ‘best practice’ marketing-mix element analyses in Issue 1, recommend and justify a specific plan to improve performance of the marketing-mix element described in Issue 1.

Note that it will be insufficient to merely paraphrase the ‘best practice’ materials from the course – you must specifically relate and apply these to the scenario and situation found in the case study.

Synthesises issues found in analysis of Issue 1 in a new insightful way and gives a sound judgement of the organisation’s Marketing practice. Strategies for improvement are clearly described, creative, realistic, and well-justified by prior discussion in Issue 1. Innovative use of relevant course models, concepts and theories.

PRESENTATION (worth 10%)

Having good content is only part of an effective report. Another critical part is how that content is presented. The report will be evaluated on its logical and coherent structure, the smooth flow of ideas, and adherence to formatting and submission requirements.

Throughout the report, ideas are described coherently, and organised in a logical and flowing manner. Clear linkages across issues.

Report adheres completely to formatting and length requirements


This assignment requires you to apply relevant learning from Units 5 to 11 in relation to the development and implementation of marketing-mix strategies for the organisation specified in the case study provided in Week 5 and made available in Moodle.

The context for the assignment is that you have been asked to identify an area of marketing strategy practice where the organisation is performing poorly, and recommend improvements to this area of marketing strategy that the organisation’s CEO and the marketing team should implement, to achieve corporate objectives.

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