Develop an online resource repository

Improvement Plan Toolkit

this assessment, you will develop an online resource repository of at least 12 annotated professional or scholarly resources that you consider critical for the audience of your safety improvement plan to understand or implement to ensure the success o

For this assessment, consider taking one of these two approaches:

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Develop an online resource repository
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1. Build on the work done in your first three assessments and create an online tool kit or resource repository that

will help the audience of your in-service understand the research behind your safety improvement plan and

put the plan into action.

2. Locate a safety improvement plan (your current organization, the Institution for Healthcare Improvement, or a

publicly available safety improvement initiative) and create an online tool kit or resource repository that will

help an audience understand the research behind the safety improvement plan and how to put the plan into



Google Sites is recommended for this assessment; the tools are free to use and should offer you a blend of flexibility

and simplicity as you create your online tool kit. Please note that this requires a Google account; use your Gmail or

GoogleDocs login, or create an account following the directions under the “Create Account” menu.

Refer to the following links to help you get started with Google Sites:

G Suite Learning Center. (n.d.). Get started with Sites. Retrieved from


Google. (n.d.). Google Sites. Retrieved from

Google. (n.d.). Sites help. Retrieved from


Using Google Sites, assemble an online resource tool kit containing at least 12 annotated resources that you

consider critical to the success of your safety improvement initiative. These resources should enable nurses and

others to implement and maintain the safety improvement you have developed.

It is recommended that you focus on the 3 or 4 most critical categories or themes with respect to your safety

improvement initiative. For example, if your initiative concerns improving workplace safety for practitioners, you

might choose broad themes such as general organizational safety and quality best practices; environmental safety

and quality risks; individual strategies to improve personal and team safety; and process best practices for reporting

and improving environmental safety issues.

Following the recommended scheme, you would collect 3 resources on average for each of the 4 categories. Each

resource listing should include the following:

An APA-formatted citation of the resource with a working link.

A description of the information, skills, or tools provided by the resource.

A brief explanation of how the resource can help nurses better understand or implement the safety

improvement initiative.

A description of how nurses can use this resource and when its use may be appropriate.

Remember that you must make your site ‘public’ so that your faculty can access it. Check out the Google Sites

resources for more information.

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