Describe in detail the sound and looks of non-western instruments or instruments unique to your research

world music research

world music research paper

– please make sure you follow all the guidelines in order to do this paper

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Describe in detail the sound and looks of non-western instruments or instruments unique to your research
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– MY TOPIC IS: Brazilian Samba, the different kinds of samba throughout Brazil.

World Music Research Paper

Checklist – Formatting and Research


Write six to eight pages on an approved topic. The works cited or bibliography pages is in addition to the six to eight pages of research.

Please use the format seen above for name-course-date. It is right-justified, single-spaced and in 12-point type.

The title of your paper is in 14-point type, bold type-faced, centered. The font I used is Ariel, a sans serif font used for titles but not for text.

Text should be set in a serif type-face such as this one (Times New Roman), Baskerville or Bookman. Justify the left margin only. The text should be in 12-point type with double spacing.

Do not include a title page or added blank pages. The short bibliography necessary for this paper will go on the last page of the paper. If you require notes, place them at the end of the paper (endnotes). Then place the bibliography after the endnotes on the same page.

Use the MLA or APA style manual for research papers. You should have been introduced to this style in your English classes. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. See the Student Handbook re: consequences of plagiarism. Any paper found with plagiarism will receive an F.

If you are unaware or have forgotten how to cite others’ works in your paper, please see below:

MLA style

APA style


Use musical vocabulary learned in this course. Avoid using colloquialisms ( “vibe,” “in sync,” “upbeat,” “cool” ) in your descriptions of music, performers or performances.

Use at least two books as resources. You can find books in your local library, through Interlibrary Loan or through GoogleBooks.

Describe instruments using the Sachs-Hornbostel classifications. Describe in detail the sound and looks of non-western instruments or instruments unique to your research topic. This could include how the instrument is made, or what the instrument is made of. Also describe vocal sounds or how they are created.

Describe rhythms if they are different from those used in other musical styles or genres.

Explain the origins or influences of other musical genres or styles to your research topic.

Use at least three appropriate audio or video clips as examples of your research topic. Be sure that your clips choices correctly reflect your chosen topic.

Online documentaries or radio broadcasts can be used as a research source. Be sure to reference their URL in your works cited.

here are some


The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music: in most reference libraries

BBC3 World Music Archives – listed by country, listen and select a music or region…

World Music Network – listen and select a music or region

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