Sustainability Reporting And Communication

This module will have a “live project” as assessment, where we will be working with a real company to produce a sample of a Sustainability Report for the organisation.  The assessment is based on a role-playing project scenario in collaboration with the ‘client’ company, and contributes to 100% of the overall mark for the module.

The assignment is composed of two separate but complementary documents:

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Sustainability Reporting And Communication
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  1. a mock ‘sustainability report’ sample for the client;
  2. an accompanying discussion paper, where you explain your decisions behind what you presented in your mock report.

The overall wordcount across the two elements should not exceed 4000 words.  Full details of the assessment are contained in the “Assignment Brief“, but see below an introduction to the working ‘project scenario’ that you will be working on.

The deadline for the submission of the assessment will be on the 11th of January, 2021. (date was previously the 6th of January, but this has been changed).

Project Scenario

Your role:

You work for a sustainability consultancy company, providing services in sustainability strategy, benchmarking, reporting and communication. You are part of the company’s “Reporting and Communications Division”, and you were approached by a prospective client who is scanning suitable companies to help them produce their first sustainability report. To help them select the right company to partner with, the client sent a similar brief to various prospective companies with instructions for the production of a ‘mock’ or ‘sample’ section of a report. This aims to help the client assess the quality of your work, reporting advice and insights, your understanding of the company, and overall ability to produce a high quality and effective sustainability report. The client will then use the ‘samples’ received to determine which company(ies) to shortlist and proceed to the next stage of conversations.

Your client: Young’s Seafood Ltd.

Young’s is a British producer and distributor of frozen, fresh, and chilled seafood. The company was founded in 1805 and has been in continuous growth since, being today the UK’s biggest specialist seafood brand. For more than 50 years the company has been based in Grimsby – one of Europe’s oldest fishing ports – where it currently employs around 1700 members of the community, and is the town’s largest employer. The company has launched a ‘Fish for Life’ initiative, where it has committed to responsible sourcing and to doing business “in a responsible, sustainable manner that protects our industry and the environment”. Recently the company became part of the wider ‘Eight Fifty Food Group’ parent company, that also owns other food companies. Until now Young’s has never published a sustainability report. However, with increasing expectations from investors and other stakeholders for companies to disclose on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria, Young’s is currently considering producing its first public Sustainability Report.

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