Dante’s Inferno Translation And Adaption

TWO ESSAYS. 6 pages

Please read the instructions PDF carefully for all instructions. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU USE THE CORRECT SOURCES AND FOLLOWED ALL INSTRUCTIONS

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Dante’s Inferno Translation And Adaption
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The translation used for the course: Durling’s translation.

Texts you can write on for Essay 2 (if you haven’t already written on them in essay 1):

Poems by Bergvall, Chaucer, Shelley, Eliot

Translations by Cary, Longfellow, Sayers, Ciardi, Pinsky, Bang

Adaptations by: Jones/Baraka

Films by: Bertolini, De Liguoro, Padovan, and Howard

Illustrations by: Dore’, Rauschenberg,

Some sources are attached. Some are in the screenshot: you can search the poems if you choose to use the poem.


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