Personal Financial Planning


1.     What is a bond? (2 points)    What are the key features of a bond that determine how it will react to market interest rate  or price changes?  (8 points)   2.     What criteria and factors, both quantitative and qualitative, would you recommend in determining the fair price (value) of a corporate stock?  (10 points) What three measures would you regard as most important and why? (6 points)   3.     In analyzing an investment in a mutual fund, what factors would you regard as important to evaluation of mutual fund? (10 points) How is an ETF different from Mutual Fund and what are possible advantages? (6 points)   4.     Joe, age 30, is considering opening an IRA and is unclear about the differences in a traditional and a Roth IRA.  What are the main differences, and which would you recommend? (6 points)   5.     Discuss the key considerations in retirement planning.  What factors should be included in calculating the funds needed for your retirement?  What are the major sources of retirement funding?  (12 points)   6.     What is the difference in a Defined Benefit (DB) and a Defined Contribution (DC) retirement Plan? (4 points)   7.     What are the key provisions of the 401k (or 403b) retirement plan and why should an employee participate when eligible? (4 points)   8.     Estate planning is important for several reasons.  What benefits can be gained by a well-structured estate plan? (8 points)   9.     Discuss the need for a will and requirements for a valid will, and what happens when you die with no will. (8 points)   10.  What additional estate planning documents should be considered? (6 points)   11.  The current federal estate tax exemption is _____________ per individual and ____________ per married couple.  In addition, you may give an annual gift that is not taxed up to ________ (6 points)   12.  Considering the topics we have covered in this class, what do you consider most valuable to you and why? (4 points)   13.  Forecasting future asset returns combines the macro economic outlook, industry, and company outlook, corporate earnings, monetary policy, interest rates, and asset markets specific factors.  What is the current outlook for economic performance and stock outcomes over the next five (5) years? (7 points)

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Personal Financial Planning
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