Interprofessional reflection paper


Attached Files:  Achieving Patient-centered Care through Interprofessional Collaborative Practice.pdf (294.018 KB) After reading the attached article, Achieving Patient-centered Care through Interprofessional Collaborative Practice, The Oral Cavity: The Gateway to the Body, write a 2-3 page paper responding to the following points: Imagine yourself in an alternative practice setting (other than a traditional dental office or dental public health setting), perhaps one described in the article or another healthcare setting. Think outside “the box”! If you could create the “perfect job”, employed in this setting or facility , utilizing your knowledge to serve the population by teaching and/or providing dental hygiene services to that population, describe the job. For example, if you could be employed in an OB/GYN practice, what would your job responsibilities be and what services would you like to provide? Don’t forget to include tasks you are already educated to perform, such as a health history screening. How would you best use your skills and knowledge about the oral/systemic link if you were educating this population? Give at least two examples of conversations you might have with your patients, applying information you have learned in class regarding this link. Do some research and provide at least 2 sources (other than the P&G article) of information substantiating the need for dental hygiene services with this population. Cite at least one fact from each of the sources. please describe being a Hygienist in a Pediatrics doctors office

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Interprofessional reflection paper
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Interprofessional Paper Rubric Achieving Patient-centered Care through Interprofessional Collaborative Practice (1)

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