Late 20th Century British Poetry


Focusing on section three from “Clearances,” which includes the potato peeling moment from the poet’s childhood, for this last journal entry of the semester do something akin to what many of you did at the outset of the semester in response to Wordsworth’s “Tintern Abbey”: use this section of “Clearances” to frame a description and depiction of similar moment you may have had with a family member or a friend (still alive or deceased).  Begin your entry briefly introducing “Clearances” in general and section 3 in particular, and then turn to a description of your own ‘spot of time,’ interspersing a couple of short quotes from Heaney’s poem with your own personal recollection somewhere along the way.  And given our time of the year, Thanksgiving  weekend ‘moments’ are definitely welcome, though any meaningful small past moment that reveals a personal connection to another person will work.

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Late 20th Century British Poetry
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Discussion Posts Grading Criteria and Guidelines

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