Intro to Gender Studies Course Paper


-Write a 4- to 5-page (1000- to 1500-word) paper that identifies a gender issue in your major (Liberal Arts & Sciences, that reports on scholarly research within that area, that analyzes that research, and that synthesizes that research into your own argument. – For our third and final paper I’d like you to make a connection between your chosen major (mine is Liberal Arts & Sciences) and the themes and ideas that we’ve been studying this semester. Your task is to investigate gender issues within your field, to discuss the approaches that practitioners in your field take to questions of gender, and to argue your own perspective. – 4-5 Pages (1000-1500 words) – Double Spaced – 12-pt Time New Roman font – Name, Course, Date in upper right of first page – Last name and page number as header in top left of all pages -Sources Cited in MLA – 2 Scholarly articles cited as sources – Criteria for grading: I will grade your paper according to the following criteria:   Thesis                                                                        20% Your thesis should be arguable and narrow enough to support in the space allotted.   Research and citation                                  20% Your research should be thorough and should come from peer-reviewed, scholarly sources. All citations, both in-text and on the Works Cited page, should be in perfect MLA, APA, or Chicago style (no mixing styles!), depending on the nature of your argument.   Support/argument                                       20% You should use specific examples to illustrate and argue your thesis. You will also have to identify and argue against any potential counterarguments to your thesis.   Structure/Introduction and Conclusion    20% Paragraphs should be unified and organized. Your overall argument should proceed logically.   The introduction should orient the reader to the topic, foreshadow the thesis, create interest, and indicate the significance of the topic.  You might start with a general observation that narrows down to your thesis.   Your conclusion may summarize the argument and restate the thesis VERY briefly, but more importantly it should answer the question “so what?”, perhaps pointing the reader toward a new (related) idea or toward the possibility for further scholarship.   Language and mechanics                           20% Of course your language should be correct in grammar, spelling, punctuation, usage, syntax, and word choice. Your paper should be revised, edited and proofread before coming to me.

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Intro to Gender Studies Course Paper
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