Bill Gates changing the world


Thesis statement is correct and is the second to last sentence in the intro Layout sentence is correct and is the last sentence in the intro.  Your essay is 5 paragraphs in length Each paragraph should be a MINIMUM of seven sentences. Your essay has a works cited page You have followed the essay prompt You have used the MLA formatting for your essay All quotes have parenthetical citations You have one quote in every supporting paragraph The ENTIRE essay is written in third person Your topic sentences are correct.  (You will not be given points for “partially correct” as you have in the past. ) Your transition sentences are correct. (You will not be give points for “partially correct” as you have in the past.) Your essay is saved in a MS Word format Thesis : Bill Gates changed the world. Layout Sentence:  He has benefited society by changing technology, global health, and philanthropy work.

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Bill Gates changing the world
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