pick an important world or national topic that you are passionate about and write a memorandum discussing the topic in its entirety. This can be anything – healthcare, immigration, criminal justice reform, voting, abortion, school choice, fossil fuels, commerce, etc. The President wants an impartial, unbiased memorandum discussing both sides – she wants to understand what both parties argue in favor and against. She needs to know EVERYTHING about the topic. You can incorporate news articles, topics discussed in class, textbook, guest speakers, etc. In the last section of the memorandum, she wants to know what YOU think she should support and why. This can be a solution that is in line with a certain political party or a hybrid model. Since President is an Independent, she cares less about Democrat or Republican agenda… she wants a solution that will truly help the country on this matter. Think about things and topics that were discussed throughout the course! Make sure you understand BOTH sides of the issue because you are up against another candidate… so you do not want to miss something that the other interview candidate may find. President needs to be fully versed on this topic, so you want to make sure you cover everything in a concise & organized way. Be creative on your approach to the memorandum.

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