Cultural barriers among Arab immigrants women in US


Write qualitative paper about cultural barriers among arab immigrants women in US  I1-introduction  Identify a research problem stemming from your field or area of expertise (can be from clinical experience, personal observation or other observation.  Briefly describe the significance of the problem to nursing and health. This will require a review of relevant literature to the problem to identify a gap in knowledge that you intend to address with this study.  2-PURPOSE, RESEACH QUESTION, AND FIT OF THE METHOD: Discuss your research problem in relation to the approach you have selected (phenomenology, grounded theory, or ethnography). The purpose of the study. The research question.  How the selected method is suitable to answer the research question.   3-DATA COLLECTION AND ANALYSIS Describe the setting in which the research would take place.  Describe the sample inclusion/exclusion and rationale. Describe data collection strategy. generating an interview guide.  Describe the steps involved in data analysis.

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Cultural barriers among Arab immigrants women in US
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