Synthesis Paper


Identify three themes common to the articles and write a synthesis paper about research skills using evidence from the articles to support your themes.   Review the articles by Lindsay (2015); Lee, Chankg, and Bryan (2020); and Clock, Marshal, and Davidson (2015).   Write a paper that synthesizes the three articles.  The paper should include the following: 1-an introduction that introduces and provides context for the topic.  This includes presenting a clear thesis statement. 2-Identification of and support for three themes with evidence from each article. Synthesize your discussion of the topic to support your thesis. 3-A conclusion that demonstrates support of your thesis statement, briefly summarizes the main points from your three themes, and makes reccmendations for future research on the topic (Benchmarks C5.2: Produce scholarly academic writing) Use APA style guide Refer to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association for specific guidelines related to doctoral-level writing. Wh   Wri

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Synthesis Paper
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