Should the “Dream Act” (DACA) be reinstated?


You need a minimum of 8 sources for this paper. If you quoted from only some of the eight sources, you list the ones you quoted from as Works Cited, and you list the remaining sources in a separate list as References. The references list can be on the same page below the list of works cited. Documentation Reminder that you are to use MLA style of documentation not APA. I wrote that so often on your drafts that I wonder if you even pay attention. Do not drop quotations in without proper attribution. The easiest and most effective way is as follows. A journalist for the Pittsburgh Courier, Frank Bolden states in his article “The Way of the World” that “more Americans get their news from social media than from traditional newspapers, television and radio.” (78) It is a paraphrase of what Bolden wrote. The Courier is italicized because it is the periodical, and the title of the article is in quotation marks. If there is no page number, do not put in the year. It is mixing up APA and MLA styles. Writing Tips . In the previous drafts I made comments about style and content. There are a few writing and style tips below. Make sure that you allow yourself enough time to use the editor tool on Microsoft Word in order to check the grammar and style. Some Writing Tips Thesis: Is your thesis clearly stated? Is it a single sentence that explicitly states the position of the paper? Does the paper address the thesis? Are both sides of the issue given enough weight? (For Argumentative papers) Is the central idea substantial enough to be worthy of interest? (For Humanities papers) Are the paragraphs clear? Does each paragraph focus on one aspect of the paper? Do the sentences flow from one point or the next? Are there clear transitions from one paragraph to the next? More importantly, are you relying too much on the same transitional words? Are you listing things as first, second, or next, even when there is no need for ordination?   Likewise, do not use ‘in conclusion’ to conclude. Are your narratives clear and told in chronological order? Did you use formal language? Did you accidentally switch point of view in the middle of a sentence? Do not use slang or contractions. Don’t Do not. Do not use jargon or casual phrases. (For example, write “children” not kids. Remove the ‘kind of ‘s ‘ and think about the sentence that you are writing and revise.) Do not begin sentences with “WELL” “SO” “ANYWAY” or any conversational beginning. Pronoun agreement; write in third person. Do not change to second (you) or rely on first (I) Also, do not rely on qualifiers (a little) and unusual adverbs (hopefully). Do not use ‘a lot’, “numerous”, or “many different”. Vary your vocabulary If technical terms are used, explain them. The first time you mention someone, you write the entire name and his or her position. (Ex. Former President Jimmy Carter, author Virginia Woolf) Thereafter, when you refer to that person you use the person’s last name. (President Carter, Woolf) Do not use personal expressions or refer to yourself. Do not write I think, I feel, in my personal opinion or other words to that effect. Presenting the reasons for your point of view should be enough to persuade the reader. Your paper should be free of spelling, punctuation, and superficial grammatical errors. Do not rely on computer spell – check or grammar check programs. They always miss things. They will not acknowledge proper names or distinguish between homonyms. There/ Their/ They’re or Two/to/ too You must also check the proper names. Review your work for transitions. Do not rely on the usual transitional phrases, especially when they do not apply to your situation. Make sure the ideas are clear. Remind yourself of the major grammatical mistakes — Run-ons, Comma splices, Misplaced modifiers, Subject verb disagreement, and Fragments. Take time to review your work just for grammar, spelling, and expression.

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Should the “Dream Act” (DACA) be reinstated?
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