The Injustice Never Leaves You – Anti-Mexican Violence in Texas


Your paper will address a description of: One of the three types of violence inflicted on the Tejano/Mexicano community; the community response to said violence; and what resulted from the incidents inflected on the Tejano/Mexican community.  In order to complete this ASSIGNMENT YOU MUST READ ALL OR MOST OF THE ASSIGNED READING.   Instructions for Term Paper Assignment The term paper that you submit at the end of the semester must contain the following: Cover page – To include title, course information, name, date. Introduction – One paragraph overview of what is to be covered in this paper? What is your thesis. Body of paper – A point by point in depth narrative with citations to support your positions outlined in your introduction. Conclusion – What did your work tell you? What did you learn from this effort? Cover Page The cover page should include a paper title, your name, the course number and class section. The paper must reflect the ideas that you develop in your paper. Introduction The introduction should direct the reader to the general them of your paper. Hence, you must identify in the introduction what the major points supporting your general theme are going to be and show how you intend to develop them. Body of Paper In the body of the paper, obviously the most important part of the paper, you are expected to develop the ideas behind your general theme. Thus, you need to make sure that you provide sufficient evidence to support the arguments behind your ideas and general theme. It is important that you identify or give credit to the sources that you utilize when developing your ideas and arguments. To credit sources you can either use endnotes or footnotes: make sure that you use the format you selected throughout the entire paper. Conclusion In the conclusion, you are required to summarize the key points or key ideas behind the general theme that you presented in the body of the paper. Bibliography In the bibliography, you must list all the sources that you consulted with or documented in your paper. List your sources an alphabetical order based on the authors first name. Each citation of source must include in corresponding order: authors name, title of article, place of publication, publisher, year of publication.

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The Injustice Never Leaves You – Anti-Mexican Violence in Texas
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