Multimodal Composition final draft


Multimodal Composition Rationale: Submit the rationale to the dropbox folder as one of the following acceptable filetypes: Word Document (.DOC or .DOCX) or Rich Text File (.RTF). Multimodal Composition Creative Piece: If the creative piece of your Multimodal Composition is a basic type of document (eg. Word Document, PDF, etc.), you can submit the file to the dropbox folder alongside your rationale. If your multimodal composition creative piece is stored online using another website (eg. Youtube, Prezi, etc.), you will need to submit a hyperlink to your final project. This means that you’ll need to have that project saved on a publicly-accessible service somewhere. Remember that each site will have different permission levels that you assign to your project. You will need to be sure that your project is NOT private. It must be public or at least semi-public (the wording varies per site) in order for your composition to be viewable.

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Multimodal Composition final draft
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