Assess the Cost of Re-entry Programs


In preparation for the upcoming town hall forum, your supervisor also needs estimated cost figures for the proposed solution to provide leadership. Budgets are increasingly tighter and scrutinized by both internal and external stakeholders, and solid budgetary support is crucial for any new projects. To gain budgetary support from within, costs must be verified using reliable frameworks or models. Using the model from this week’s readings, estimate short- and long-term costs of the proposed solution. For each phase of the proposed solution (short- and long-term), please include the following: Direct costs Potential expenses related to risks and liabilities Intangible costs Costs borne by others An Excel spreadsheet with sufficient detail is required. In addition, prepare a video that walks the audience through each cost estimate and justifies how you arrived at your final figures. Your video can be developed using Kaltura, PowerPoint, or any tool supported by NCU. Length: 2-3 pages for Excel spreadsheet;

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Assess the Cost of Re-entry Programs
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