Argument/Persuasion Pre-Writing


Argument/Persuasion Pre-Writing   This assignment only consists of four 100 word paragraphs.  You do not need to answer these particular questions.  They are only meant as a guide.    The first paragraph should explore the relevance of your topic and the specific audience that you are targeting.  Why is your issue relevant?  Who’s minds do you think you can change and or persuade to do something about this issue? The second paragraph should explore your ethos.  Why are you someone that we should listen to about this topic?  How are you going to establish your credibility? The third paragraph should explore pathos.  What role does emotion play in your argument?  Is this an argument that people normally get emotional about?  How are you going to avoid and or use some of the emotional elements that are often attached to your issue? The fourth paragraph should explore your logos.  What are the reasons you are using to defend your argument?  How are you avoiding logical fallacies?

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Argument/Persuasion Pre-Writing
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