Sarah Polley’s “Stories We Tell” Essay


– You need to have had seen the film “Stories We Tell” by Sarah Polley. I have included a link in the PDF named “Final Essay Assignment.” – This is a final essay for a class, and before this assignment, we handed in a proposal assignment (I uploaded this as well) that would be the “base” for this essay. So in writing this essay, make sure to refer to the proposal assignment as what I have already written as it is what this final essay would be about. So you would just be expanding on the proposal assignment as it was mainly just a draft.  – Two PDFs are also attached that should also be read before writing this as you would need it in writing the essay. – On the PDF named Final Essay Assignment, I have chosen the number 1 option to talk about. This would be the question regarding the approach to memory.Proposal Assignment 1 Final Essay Assignment Kate J Waites Amelie Hastie

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Sarah Polley’s “Stories We Tell” Essay
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