Drawing evidence and/or perspectives from our assigned class readings (De Beauvoir, King, Kendi, Bui), make sure to use these as your sources.  craft an evidence-based argument on the issue of discrimination (racial, gender, ethnic, etc.) in our contemporary world. Does discrimination exist? If so, why? What ideas and/or policies are key to its continued existence? What ideas and/or policies combat discrimination most effectively?   Make sure you respond thoroughly to this prompt. Don’t just identify the ideas/policies you deem most important—explain why they are essential to this issue. If you choose, you may argue that discrimination is not a major problem, but you must still treat ideas/policies commonly associated with the issue of discrimination.   In responding to these questions, you may draw anecdotes from your own or others’ experiences, but not to the exclusion of discussing the assigned texts (though you don’t need to deal with all of them either—choose your evidence carefully). You may also do outside research if you like, but, again, make sure you deal primarily with the assigned texts.   As with the other papers, this one should be roughly five double-spaced pages with standard fonts and margins.

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