International health


This is the final part of the five-part project outlined in the syllabus. Part 1 reported on the health indicators for the country that was selected. Part 2 described the demographic and development situation in the country. Part 3 was about health care provision. Part 4 examined the course of the COVID-19 pandemic and situation in your country. In Part 5 you focused on a particular health problem. In part 6 you will summarize your project findings and make predictions. The summary should be a short recap of the previous assignments. Making predictions is not easy, but you now have a lot of knowledge about your country and global health to guide you. Given the current demographic and economic trajectory of your country, what do you see happening in terms of your country’s population health? Support your assertions with facts. Be as specific as possible. Make comparisons to other countries with similar or different circumstances. You may be able to bring current events into the narrative to chart two or more possible paths (politics, civil war, development). I will look primarily to see that you understand the reasons for geographic differences in population health and processes that we have discussed during the semester (demographic transition, epidemiological transition, health and development). The assignment should be approximately two pages in length. The source of all information that is not general knowledge should be included in a references section and properly cited (It is good to use a citation manager like EndNote). Do not cite Wikipedia or data aggregator websites. For example, most lists of life expectancy by country found with a simple web search are based on data from the CIA’s World Factbook. You should get the information from the CIA Factbook and properly reference the data. If you can’t find a credible data source for a piece of information then you should not include it in your report. THE COUNTRY I WAS CHOOSE JAPAN. SO WRITE ABOUT JAPAN. THANK YOU

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International health
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