The American Dream after the American Reconstruction Era


There are two textbooks. One is titled “The American Promise: A History Of The United States” volume one eighth edition by Roark, Johnson, Furstenberg, Stage, and Igo. The second book is really just whole or partial historical documents called “Reading The American Past: Selected Historical Documents” volume one eighth edition by Michael P Johnson. Seeing as the second book is just quoting documents, I’m not entirely sure if the source cited should be the book or the document itself. I guess I’ll leave that up to your discretion. I have attached a Word file with somewhat of a guideline I’d like to follow. I’d like there to be at least six sources and there needs to be two citations per paragraph or section. The book should be the primary source. Specifically chapters 14-16. I’d like the following three links to also be used as sources: Other online sources can be used as well.American Dream After Reconstruction Essay

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The American Dream after the American Reconstruction Era
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