Gender roles in advertising


Write an approximately 8-10 page, a minimum of 2,000 words, paper that explains and analyzes the topic you chose. There is also a minimum requirement of five substantial research sources; Wikipedia,, personal websites, book reviews, and Infoplease are not acceptable sources. You are also required to use the MCC library search engines and select one source that is from a peer-reviewed journal. You are going to make an overall claim about this topic and its importance to a study of advertising and marketing. You are allowed to incorporate any of your previous work from this class — the two papers, ad watch assignments, and analyses of the readings or videos. The paper must establish your ability to use academic sources eloquently, follow MLA conventions of citation in your essay and Works Cited listings, and show your ability to evaluate and argue a position that explains your analysis (need a thesis statement) of the information you find. There are five point elements for the project: A quiz on source integration (25), a TTR proposal sheet (50), a thesis statement worksheet (25), an annotated bibliography (100), and the paper itself (200 points). Upload only the paper here. I need a thesis, annotated bibliography and the paper

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Gender roles in advertising
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