Future shock chapter review


write an argumental essay. Your task is to pick a chapter from the book “Future Shock” by Alvin Toffler and write about that topic. There are so many topics to choose from. I personally would choose the Throw-away society or information: The kinetic image or The Fractured Family or The Experience Makers. Let’s say that I chose the Throw-away Society. I would write a 4-6 pages essay, arguing that the United States should ban plastic bottles and use only glass and aluminum, both of which could be easily recycled, as opposed to plastic. I would persuade the audience that we could grind the glass into powder and put it on the beaches, and the aluminum could be melted and recycled.  You don’t have to agree with Toffler. If you disagree with him, that is fine. All that i am looking for is your ability to construct an argument while keeping rhetorical strategies into consideration.    requirements: 1. 4-6 pages 2. MLA format 3. thesis driven 4. use Toffler (the author) as your primary source 5. Use at least 6 outside sources

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Future shock chapter review
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