Fire codes for buildings


RESEARCH PAPER: The assignment is to select a non-residential building in your area (1980-2020 Traditional style church house).  Compile data and write a research paper. (Note this is NOT a pre-fire plan) This paper should address:  • The Building Classification  • Construction Materials  • Roof System and Fire Loads  • Fire Protection Systems (in this building)  • Identify Building Systems that are part of this structure  • Discuss Building Components (that would affect fire behavior).  Standards for acceptability: 1. The paper must be a minimum of no fewer than three pages of content. 2. The coversheet, references page, illustrations, tables, charts, or any other media do NOT count towards the three-page minimum. 3. The student should focus on the completeness of the project rather than a word count or number of pages; however, there must be at least three pages. Overall specifications for the paper: 1. The paper MUST be formatted using American Psychological Association (APA) format, utilizing the most current publication of the APA 6th ed. 2. 1” margins with standard 12-point black font 3. Your cover sheet must be formatted according to APA6, including: A. Title of the Research Paper B. Student’s Name C. Date D. CompleteCourseIdentificationNumber (FIRT-1327) E. Instructor’s Name F. Do not use graphics or images on the cover sheet 4. A “References” page will contain all sources utilized to form the paper. A minimum of three credible, reliable sources must be used. Sources used may be printed material (books or texts), web sources, or a combination of both. Standard APA format will be utilized for this part.

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Fire codes for buildings
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