Final Presentation – Strategy Journal Entry 11


For this assignment, you will develop the presentation to Coca Cola that you will present to management to sell your strategy idea and plan. This is all about the SELL to leadership.  You must focus your efforts on being convincing and providing the overall argument for change.   This assignment includes both slides and voice narration. Suggested resources:  Utilize the textbook, sites below, or other available information on strategy implementation. You can also use the Change Checklist (p. 86) from the Lean Guide as thought starters on how you will convince the leadership of your strategic direction and plan. Presentation Slide Content: Title page – MAKE SURE TO INTRODUCE YOURSELF AND WHY YOU ARE THERE What is the strategy alternative(s) you recommend for the company? Why did you select this strategy alternative (s) (business case)? How will you implement your plan? Proposed timing (high-level) What are the predicted outcomes and expected measures?  Are there any risks you have planned for or anticipated that they should know about? (if not, don’t include) Make sure to list your references if used for any of your slides. PRESENTATION REQUIREMENTS The Presentation is a maximum of 10 PowerPoints Slides (including title and reference page).  You must tightly focus your thinking in this limited space.  Create a PowerPoint presentation, then using a free screen capture tool like Screencast-o-matic (though you could use something else you have access to), present the material while narrating the slides.  This presentation will be saved and uploaded.  Access to: Tutorial to:

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Final Presentation – Strategy Journal Entry 11
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Managing change checklist Oral Presentation Instructions

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