Court Project(Law and Order: Special Victims Unit)


– Briefly summarize the plot of your two episodes.  – Provide a description of the types of courtroom scenes that were dramatized in your selection. Highlight the scene that stood out to you the most. – Note what happened to the defendant at the end of the story. – Compare and/or contrast the courtroom scenes in the show with the material you read in the book or discusses in the threads. How well did they match up? Did any glaring errors jump out at you( Be sure to reference at least one chapter from the book. – If you were directing the film or episodes, what would you have done differently to better represent what happens in the courtroom(given the limitations of the medium) – Would you recommend the show/film to other criminal justice students? Why or Why not? – The remaining points will be based on general flow and organization of the project. Was it easy to follow and did the organization make sense? If a power point, were the slides easy to read and clearly proofread? If an essay, was it readable and free of significant grammatical and organizational errors.  – The book is called “The Constitution and Criminal Judicial Process.” By Kubicek, Laurie

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Court Project(Law and Order: Special Victims Unit)
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