IEPs:Developing High-Quality Individualized Education Programs. The course will then be accessed through your account. Go to : Login in Then go to my account located in the right hand side Then click professional development and the course is already saved for you to take. its called : IEPs: Developing High-Quality Individualized Education Programs I do not have the answers for the questions. When done upload the certificate of completion. Save as a pdf form and upload it. 3. Upon completion of the module answer the following questions and upload the word document to the assignment tab, along with the certificate of completion . Question 3 refers to a 7th grader, not an early childhood student, but it could just as well apply to a student in grades 1-3. ALL answers to these questions MUST come from the IRIS Module and not any other source. You need to cite where you found the answer to each of the questions. The 3 questions are: Remember to please cite where you found the answers.

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