Updating the annotated bibliography


Update the annotated bibliography about peer pressure. SOURCES NEED TO BE FROM LIBRARY DATABASES (EBSCOhost, opposing viewpoints, etc.) For this activity, you will update the annotated bibliography you first created for Unit 1. You will incorporate elements to bring it up to date for the Toulmin Argument essay.  You will continue to use the same topic you used for your Classical Argument essay and the Rogerian Argument essay; however, you will expand the focus of your research in two ways: to educate yourself about qualifying elements/limits on position to expand the applicability of the issue to a broader audience/widen the scope You may continue to use any existing sources that are still useful to you; however, you must end up with a minimum of four sources that you will use in this essay.  Instructions:  The topic used for your Classical and Rogerian Argument is the same topic you will use for the Toulmin Argument essay. Once you are familiar with the goal of a Toulmin Argument and the Toulmin Argument outline, you will need to do additional research to prepare to write this essay. Re-examine your existing annotated bibliography and decide where you need to do more research to fill in the gaps of your knowledge and to have a balance of evidence for supporting both sides and your proposed compromise.  Use the library databases to gather as many additional sources as you will need, keeping in mind that you can continue to use any existing sources that remain useful for this essay.  Add your new sources to the bibliography, completing the citations and annotations. Remove any sources you no longer find useful.

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Updating the annotated bibliography
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Annotated bibliography (3) Annotated Biliography 2

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