Comparative Web Expert Review


Abstract: A short summary of what took place in this project Description of the websites inspected: Describe the two (2) websites that were inspected as a part of this project. Who developed the website(s), and what is the purpose of this website? What are some typical tasks that are performed on these sites? How are these sites similar and how do they differ? Please include screen shots of the website(s) being inspected. Typical Users: What would be the typical users for each of these websites? Address their age, computing experience, computing environment, and education level. Cognitive Walkthrough: Select a task that is performed similarly on each site and answer the following questions for each site: 1.    Will the user try to achieve the right effect? 2.    Will the user notice that the correct action is available? 3.    Will the user associate the correct action with the effect to be achieved? 4.    If the correct action is performed, will the user see that progress is being made toward solution of the task  Heuristic Review: Using Shneiderman’s 8 Golden Rules of Interface Design, inspect each website using the following questions/heuristics: Does the website: 1. Strive for consistency 2. Cater to universal usability 3. Offer informative feedback 4. Design dialogs to yield closure 5. Prevent errors 6. Permit easy reversal of actions 7. Support internal locus of control 8. Reduce short-term memory load Each answer needs to be detailed. If you include screenshots to illustrate your point, please briefly describe in text what the screenshot portrays. If you use any additional sources, you MUST reference them in your document  Usability Successes Provide a list of strengths that each site exhibited and briefly explain them Usability Problems Noted What problems did you discover for each website? What suggestions do you have to improve each of these problems? You MUST include screen shots of existing problems, and you MUST include wireframe sketches of possible improvements. Note: Each website should have at least three (3) suggested improvements.  NOTE: if there are absolutely no identifiable usability problems, come up with some re-design or improvement suggestions that you would make if you were the designer   Priorities Organize and rank all of your suggested changes for each website by: importance and time to fix. Justify your rankings.   What did you learn? Address what you learned about the process of comparative web expert review. How were the two interfaces similar or different in regard to the heuristic review and usability success or problems identified? Based on your findings, which site is better suited for the users? What was unexpected or surprising from the results of this study?

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Comparative Web Expert Review
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