Research Paper on Toni Morrison’s novel Sula


For this paper, you have the option of writing a feminist critique or a post-structuralist critique of Toni Morrison’s Sula.             Here are some options.  Pick one of the following.   Is Sula a black feminist text?  Would you go so far as to agree with Barbara Smith’s assertion that Sula is a subversive lesbian text?  Or, does the text ask for another kind of feminist analysis? Explore the race, class, and/or gender implications of Sula and Nel’s relationship, or the significance of Sula’s character in relation to the citizens of the bottom.  Where do you stand in relation to the critical discourse surrounding this text? What do you think Morrison is saying about black women and their roles (as mother, daughter, wife, and/or lover) in the 20th century? Many critics have noted to topsy-turvy nature of the novel.  For this paper, explore the ways in which Sula may be interpreted using post-structuralist analysis. Explore the ways in which Morrison overturns many social and cultural binaries (man/woman, white/black, rich/poor, sane/insane, etc.).  In the process of “flipping the script” what is Morrison saying about these social constructions?   IMPORTANT RULES: ü  Your paper must have a recognizable theoretical frame.  That is, the reader should be able to tell if you are taking a particular kind of feminist perspective, or what kind of poststructuralist elements are informing your reading of Sula. ü  You must include at least two secondary sources.  Only one may be from the course materials.  The book (Sula) does not count as a source.  Do not use Masterplots, Cliff Notes, or Spark Notes as sources. ü  The papers must be at least five pages, typed, double spaced, and in twelve point font. ü  You must follow MLA style.

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Research Paper on Toni Morrison’s novel Sula
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