Love & Happiness: Experiencing Love & Happiness Through Music, Art, and other healthy ways


*** as instructed by the Outline and Bibliography assignment criteria, the annotated bibliography should include “a short summary (about one paragraph) of the source material following each entry the bibliography” and “choose your references carefully; they must come from academic, peer-reviewed, well-researched, and/or fully developed sources.” Love & Happiness: Experiencing Love & Happiness Through Music, Art, and other healthy ways Thesis statement: Happiness. If a person cannot happiness in what they already have, it is impossible to get happier with what they don’t have because if one is content with very little, he or she will be content with more. Music & art enhance a person’s happiness & fulfillment to a greater extent. Directions for the Final Paper Your Final Paper will be an in-depth, analytic essay containing 8 pages/2000 words for the main text due in week 14. A reference page is also required. You will analyze one of the following 7 themes through the arts: Happiness Love You will support your analysis with two artworks of your choice from two disciplines that you have not studied in the shorter two Arts Papers. Use music & art. In an analytic essay, you should demonstrate your ability to formulate a clear thesis, to support this thesis, to generate original analysis, and to synthesize and apply the appropriate language of art to describe and analyze two artworks. In analyzing the theme, you should discuss a few of the important thoughts/concepts/philosophy associated with the theme, compare and contrast the different thoughts/concepts/philosophy, and provide original analysis to show how the theme contributes to something significant about your life, the humanities, the Western traditions, or contemporary society. Carefully select two artworks that significantly deal with the theme of your choosing. Describe/review/summarize the artworks and provide essential information about the artworks. Compare and/or contrast how well the two artworks deal with the theme. In addition to the textbook, at least two additional scholarly references are required. To study the theme, you may begin with a close reading of the chapter of the same theme from your textbook, The Art of Being Human. Then, you should find additional readings to learn more about the particular thoughts, concepts, and philosophies of your focus. It is important to find additional resources to help you understand the meaning, significance, context and history of the artworks.

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Love & Happiness: Experiencing Love & Happiness Through Music, Art, and other healthy ways
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