Market type, and representative graph for Marvel Studios, LLC


The main purpose of the paper is to show me that you are able to apply the concepts you learned during our firm and market structure.  Identify a firm. You will be doing research on this firm. Specifically, try to answer the following questions: (Marvel Studios LLC) What market structure does this firm participate in? How do you know? What are some types of costs that this firm faces?  What are its largest costs? Be specific. (You may want to research actual numbers). Is the firm profitable? Why or why not? Is it experiencing economies of scale? How do you know? What is the long-run outlook for this firm? Be sure to support your answer. Once you have done research adequately addressing these four areas, write a well-organized paper describing your findings. YOU SHOULD NOT SEND A LIST OF YOUR ANSWERS TO THE FOUR QUESTIONS. THE INFORMATION NEEDS TO BE SYNTHESIZED INTO AN ACTUAL PAPER. As part of the paper, be sure to show a representative graph of your firm. This graph will depend on the market structure of the industry it participates in as well as whether it is making profit.  Papers will be graded by the following rubic:  3 points (Exceptional) — All four areas are covered in the paper. A correct graph is included. 2 points (Acceptable) — One of the four areas is lacking in detail. There may be a few minor errors in the graph. 1 point (Attempted) — Several of the four areas are lacking in detail. Graph is incorrect. 0 points (Missing) — Areas of discussion are missing. Graph is absent. NOTE: Students may receive half-points dependent on the quality of their work. Papers should be no more than 2 pages long. Graphs and works cited do not count towards your page limit.  You will receive up to 2 points for a paper that is well-organized, grammatically correct, and contains a works cited page. Points will be deducted if the paper is weak in any of these areas. Thus, the maximum grade you can receive is 5. You may use MLA or APA format.

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Market type, and representative graph for Marvel Studios, LLC
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