Communication technology


4 pages / 1,000 words (not including Works Cited) | 12-point font, double-spaced | Chicago/APA citation style | Minimum of 5 references* The course’s final assignment is an opportunity for you to reflect on key points of learning (what you learned) and shifts in your knowledge (how your understanding or perception of the world may have changed or deepened). In drawing upon course readings and/or additional research, you are asked to craft a manifesto that, first, describes the flaws and failures of communication technology, and second, presents a utopian, idealist, or realistic view of how public communication (and society more broadly) could stand to benefit from changes and improvements to the culture of communication technology. Your manifesto is a call to action. Your goal is to present a critique of communication technology within an area of your choice, before presenting solutions to the issues, challenges, or shortcomings you have identified.

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Communication technology
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