Report from Chief Intellectual Property Officer


You must create an imaginary Intellectual Property Intensive firm. This imaginary firm has Intellectual Property assets comprising of patents, design rights, confidential information, copyright and trade marks. You are the Chief Intellectual Property Officer of this Intellectual Property [IP] intensive firm. You have been tasked with writing a 3,000 word report for the board analysing all the intellectual property rights, IPR that your company owns with an explanation of how under UK law each right is protected and the benefits and drawbacks to your company of each type of right. As your company does not have an IP strategy you must make clear the need for an IP strategy and explore what it should contain.  Discuss any alternative strategies that your firm may also consider that could create value from their IPR. In the report you must also demonstrate why it is necessary to value IP and the benefits and drawbacks of the various approaches that can be used in order to do so.

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Report from Chief Intellectual Property Officer
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Guide to Intellectual Property Strategy and Management (1)

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